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6 September
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Hello! Here you'll find some of my writing as well as ramblings on dolls, sewing, books I've read, music I've heard, SJ-esque/work ranting, and all sorts of other things. Most fic is public access, but many of my other entries are friends locked, so if you'd like to get to know me, please comment saying so and I'll be sure to add you.

I don't mind anyone friending this journal, so feel free to do so - although if you friend and don't comment, I'm probably not going to friend you back until we get to know each other better - I talk about some heavy work/hand/depression-related stuff under friends-lock. Don't be afraid to say hi!


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I'm an Australian PWE student in my mid 20s with a weird sense of humour. If you knew me in real life you'd think I'm as quiet and standoffish as all hell, but I swear I'm friendlier than that. Even noisy, once you get to know me... I really like chocolate, sour cream and chives flavoured grain chips, and lots of dishes involving rice.


I'm into collecting, and sewing clothes for 1/6 scale fashion dolls such as Fashion Royalty, Dynamite Girls, Monster High, and some Barbie Collector's dolls. I also collect and sew clothes for Sylvanian Families figures (I have almost two hundred in my collection, plus a small village display in my cupboard) and enjoy dollhousing. You can check out my doll photos and hand-sewn clothes here or over at flickr. I use this journal more for writing and personal blogging, so if you're more interested in my collections, go say hi on flickr. :)


I'm the sort of metalhead that thinks the heartland of metal lies heavily in Europe and would like to pretend that US metal doesn't exist; I listen across a wide range of European melodic and vaguely-melodic subgenres. My favourites are MDM, folk, viking, prog-power, symphonic, symphonic black and new-doom, while my all-time favourite bands have to include Dark Tranquillity, Kamelot, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Leaves' Eyes, Insomnium, Amorphis, Ayreon and Eternal Tears of Sorrow.


I am a huge reader of fantasy, but I prefer political fantasy over quest fantasy, and anything I can get my hands on that features non-het protagonists. My favourite authors include George R R Martin, Jane Fletcher, Lynn Flewelling, Jacqueline Carey, Sarah Monette, Robin Hobb, L.E. Modesitt Jr's earlier works, Brandon Sanderson, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Scott Lynch, Patrick Rothfuss, Josh Lanyon, L-J Baker, Gemma Files and Sandra McDonald. (Go. Read books by these people!) I'm always open to recs for new authors/stories.

I like reading gay/lesbian/queer/genderqueer/transgender fic that's either fantasy/SF or humour, which makes me a little bit fussy. Intelligent genre/trope bending fic is the win. Recs for anything online or profic for these genres - particularly lesbian/genderqueer/transgender fic, which is a bit harder to come by - would be gratefully accepted, and by that, I mean with shrieking and smothering hugs.

(Recs for well-written, sensitive fic featuring queer transgender characters with disabilities? Would make my YEAR.)

I'm going to say straight up that I prefer not to read slave-fic, works very heavy on angst, works heavy on het romance unless it's written very well, or rape-fic/fics involving the 'rape-is-love' trope. (See how kind I am? I didn't link to TV Tropes!) If it's contemporary slash, I prefer reading something that's very clever, or funny.


I am a flighty author-person with hyperactive muses. (theotherdibbler, frogs_of_war and grimmsical take way too much delight in prodding them to life.) This basically means that I have more projects on the go than any one person should admit to.

I generally write serious-humourous (I can't seem to write anything that's completely serious anymore, but in the same vein, I don't write something that's completely comedic) paranormal/fantasy queer fiction that ruminates on queer/gendered experiences - mostly slash, but also anything from femmeslash to genderqueer to transgender fiction, and any combination thereof. My two main 'verses are You Just Don't Want To Live Next Door to One (paranormal m/m romance) is a WIP chapter-fic and currently on hiatus, but not forgotten - while Death is Only a Theoretical Concept, and Many Other Stories (paranormal m/m romance, queer fiction, transgender fiction) is a series of short stories/ficlets mostly following the characters of Steve and Abe, as well as a few others, set in the 'dead centre' of Australia, Port Carmila.

A master post including links to everything else - mostly a whole bunch of short queered-up fantasy or paranormal stories - can be found here.

Please note that I update sparodically at best. I suffer from chronic wrist pain that makes using a computer or a notepad and pen uncomfortable at best and intolerable at worst, and writing after a day of classes is often more than I can handle. (My current mental health issues also do not help make writing easy, alas.) Please keep in mind that you're reading works that might not be updated for a long period of time, or in an irregular fashion - I really appreciate your understanding in this regard. Requests for more aren't going to make me write any faster, as much as I'm flattered that more is wanted!

Author's Notes:

I'm a non-binary femme transgender queer guy. I'm attracted to femininity in varying measures and everyone who defies the gender binary. I'm working on recovering from depression and an anxiety disorder (which makes up the bulk of my posts lately, eek). I have a chronic pain condition that interferes with my lives on and offline. For some reason, I like to write and blog about all of these things. (No idea why I want to spend so much of my time ranting about oppression and discrimination. Oh, wait...) I am geeky, nitpicky, for marriage equality, pro-choice, pro-stem-cell-research, pro-euthanasia, childfree, and green-ish, except where I'm not good at cutting back on electricity usage...